#BelieversBattleCry | Episode 20 | The Great Colony of China: Pakistan (@battle_cry_1)


Chinese War with India?


We discuss an economic alliance between Pakistan and China, the threat to India from China and the implications of Marxists and the Caliphate Terrorists working together.

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India Today Report on China and Pakistan Alliance and Possible Military Issues with India


#BelieversBattleCry 19 | Solutions for Escalating Racism Part 2

Sub-Title: Solutions for Escalating Racism Part 2 (#19)

Description: We continue to discuss solutions for escalating racism in the US.


Don’t let anyone but God inform your identity. Be who He made you to be. 

Here are the musicians we referenced in today’s podcast: 

Damien Ecobar, Violinist


Cremaine Booker, Cellist


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Origins of Marxism Part 2 – The Science of Racism

Sub-Title: #16 The Science of Racism


Description: We begin our discussion of the science of racism

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Quotes from Charles Darwin’s Descent of Man

On extermination…

At some future period … the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate and replace throughout the world the savage races.”

On spirits, spirituality and God…

It is prob-able, as Mr. Tylor has clearly shown, that dreams may have first given rise to the notion of spirits ; for savages do not readily distinguish between subjective and objec-When a savage dreams, the figures which appear before him are believed to have come from a distance and to stand over him; or “the soul of the dreamer goes out on its travels, and comes home with a rememberence of what it has seen.” ” But until the above-named faculties of imagination, curiosity, reason, etc., had

been fairly well developed in the mind of man, his dreams would not have led him to believe in spirits, any more than in the case of a dog.  The tendency in savages to imagine that natural ob-

jects and agencies are animated by spiritual or living es-sences, is perhaps illustrated by a little fact which I once noticed : My dog, a full-grown and very sensible and was lying on the lawn during a hot and still day ; but at a little distance a slight breeze occasionally moved an

open parasol, which would have been wholly disregarded by the dog, had any one stood near it. As it was, every time that the parasol slightly moved, the dog growled fiercely and barked. He must, I think, have reasoned to himself in a rapid and imconscious manner, that move-ment without any apparent cause indicated the presence of some strange living agent, and no stranger had a right to be on his territory.”

On Indians…

Many instances could be given of the noble fidelity of savages toward each other,

but not to strangers; common experience justifies the maxim of the Spaniard, ” Never, never trust an Indian.”

On music and savages…

Judging firom the hideous ornaments and the equally hideous music

admired by most savages, it might be urged that their aesthetic faculty was not so highly developed as in certain animals, for instance, in birds. Obviously no animal would be capable of admiring such scenes as the heavens at night, a beautiful landscape, or refined music ; but such high tastes, depending as they do on culture and complex associations, are not enjoyed by barbarians or by unedu-cated persons.”